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Our Suckling Pigs are Apple Wood smoked for an unforgettable "Pig Roast" experience. Moist & tender young succulent pigs are prepared & cooked at a site of your choosing. Indeed a joy to see! Call or e-mail us today & we’ll get the pig on ice & ready to cook for your rowdy friends come`n over tonight!

 Number of Guest’s      Dressed Weight             Estimated Cost *        

15-20                            20-30lbs                 $175.00-250.00

25-30                            30-40lbs                 $275.00-300.00

35-40                            40-50lbs                 $350.00-400.00

45-50                           *50-60lbs                 $450.00-500.00

55-60                           *60-70lbs                 $550.00-600.00

(*Sorry pigs in the 50-70 lb range may need the head removed to fit our smoker.)

 1 lb. per person raw weight should feed one person, erring on the side of caution we have found it best to cook a little more to make sure your guests get feed. *Cost will depend on dressed weight at time of purchase this is only an estimate; prices shown are for meat only. For complete meals an extra charge of $1.50 per  side dish serving & $1.00 per drink will be added to your bill. Tax will also be added to your final bill.

 Please book your pig roast three(3) weeks in advance to allow us to order and prepare the pig. If your pig roast is to be a center piece on a banquet table let us know & we will garnish with fresh greens & fruit for a nominal fee.  


Succulent 20 pound pig ready for garnish with greens and fresh fruit.

A 24 pound pig with our Smokey Baked Beans, Baby Back Ribs & 1/2 pans of Ham. We butterflied this pig & flipped him skin side down at the half way mark & started mopping him with a thin Carolina style vinegar based bar-b-que sauce! Talk about moist, tender meat smoked to perfection!

Call or e-mail & book your next "Pig Roast" with us!

 Thank You For Choosing Whyldfire Bar-B-Que!