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Our Menu*

We encourage you to make menu selections with your guest’s dietary requirements in mind. If your guests have special needs prior knowledge is important to us. The slow smoked cooking method used by Whyldfire Bar-B-Que is just plain good old fashioned food... but you might want to leave the diet at home for just this one day.

These are examples of menu items we serve if you would like any of our other meat items we can do that too... whether its Ribs, Brisket, Chicken, Pork Loin, Sausages, Brats or even Smoked Hot Dogs call or e-mail for a quote. Tell us what you need and how many people you are serving & we can plan a menu your guests will not soon forget.

Depending on the product most plated meals range in price from $5.00 - $15.00 which is generally what you would expect to pay at most restaurants.... but we bring it to you.

 Our specialty is catering private events with a 20-guest min. - 100-guest max. Pricing based per person/per plate. Our services are set-up buffet style; we DO NOT serve an "all you can eat" affair. For smaller or larger events please call for menu selection and availability.  

 *Our posted menu represents our specialties. Do not feel this is the only menu we can offer. If you would like us to design a different menu for you that will fit your budget we would be happy to do so. We also give discounts for church groups with a guest count of 50 or more.


Dawg Gone Good Deals 

Hot Dawg   6.00

(All American favorite smoked or grilled!)

Buns, chips, condiments included

Bratwurst or Polish Sausage   7.00

(Smoked or grilled till its about to burst with flavor!)

Drinks: Pop, Bottled Water, Tea, Lemonade   1.00 ea

Buns, Chips, Condiments, Plates, Silverware & Napkins Included


Bar-B-Que Sandwich Meals

Pulled Pork or Chicken Sandwich   9.00

Chopped Brisket Sandwich  10.00   

Drinks: Pop, Bottled Water, Tea, Lemonade   1.00 ea

Comes with: Baked Beans, Coleslaw, Plates, Silverware & Napkins Included


Traditional Bar-B-Que Meal

Pork Spare Ribs 1/4th rack per person      12.00

Pork Baby Back Ribs 1/3rd rack per person       14.00

Sliced Beef Brisket  So tender it almost falls apart  11.00

Smoked Chicken (Thigh & Leg)  10.00

Choice of Two Sides:  Beans, Coleslaw, Mac or Potato Salad,

Chips or Fruit Salad

Drinks: Pop, Tea, Lemonade or Bottled Water    1.00 ea

Plates, Silverware, Napkins Included
Extra Bar-B-Que sauce served on the side


Specialty Events Menu    

Designed for formal dinners such as; Business Functions, Weddings & Rehearsal Dinners.     

To download our specialty menu click the following link. You will be re-directed to a PDF host site that contains the file.   

Menu Option


 Add the "Farm”  4.00 per serving

Hillshire Farms Smoked Sausage! Add a 2nd meat of smoked sausage to any Sandwich or Traditional Meal for only 4 bucks! Rope style sausage smoked till it’s about to burst with flavor!    


 Appetizers Platters

Jalapeno Peppers  20.00 dz.

(Bacon wrapped peppers stuffed with Little Smokey`s and cream cheese)  

Buffalo Wings   14.00 dz.

(Hot or Barbqued a traditional starter course)       

Mixed Cheese & Vegetable Platters  18.00 per platter

(Bite sized pieces of mixed cheese & assorted veggies feeds approximately 12 - 15)


 *Need Meat Only?

We purchase the meat fresh from our supplier season it, smoke/cook it & deliver it fresh & hot. 

Pulled Pork 45.00 per cooked butt (serves 12-15 people)

Spare Ribs   22.00 per slab(4 servings)

Baby Back Ribs   24.00 per slab(3 servings)

Whole Chickens  14.00 ea (8 servings)

1/2 Chickens   7.00 ea (4 servings)


*Minimums Apply!


Concessions for Fairs & Festivals

We can set up at your event and sell these products to your guests as they arrive. Imagine the excitement this will generate as they see and smell the smoke rolling from our cooker! Generally we offer at least three meat products to choose from at most fairs and festivals.


From the Smoker…

Spare Ribs  3 Bones for  6.00

(meaty spare ribs seasoned with our own dry rub)

Riblets   5.00

(2 feather bone riblets seasoned with our own dry rub)

Chopped Chicken Sandwich  6.00

Pulled Pork Sandwich  6.00

(generous helping of pulled pork seasoned with our own dry rub)

Chopped Brisket Sandwich  6.00

(generous helping of chopped brisket seasoned with our own dry rub)


Redneck Nachos... Our best selling item!

Brisket Nachos  8.00

Pork Nachos  8.00

Chicken Nachos 8.00

(pork, brisket or chicken nachos served with meat, beans, chips & cheese)


Redneck Tacos... Smaller snack that`s BIG in flavor!

Brisket Taco   

Pork Taco       

Chicken Taco

 Three for 6.00 Or 2.00 Each

 (pork, brisket or chicken tacos served with meat of choice & fresh salsa on a soft tortilla)


BBQ Parfait...  A meal in a 16oz cup!

Chopped Chicken Parfait  8.00

Pulled Pork Parfait  8.00

Chopped Brisket Parfait    8.00

(Layers of beans, cheese sauce, meat of choice , BBQ sauce, more cheese sauce and topped with our creamy cole slaw.)


From the Grill…

Chicken Legs   2 leg 6.00

(grilled chicken legs seasoned with our own cluck rub)

Chicken on a stick   2 stick 6.00

(chicken thigh meat seasoned with our own poultry rub)

Polish Sausage or A Hot Dog on a stick   3.00

Polish Sausage on a bun    3.00

Polish Sausage & Kraut on a bun    3.00


Other Items

Assorted single serving Chips   1.00

Jumbo Dill Pickle on a stick       1.00

Canned Pepsi products             1.00


All concession items sold tax included.

Napkins, Silverware & Condiments Available.


SERVICE TERMS: Whyldfire Bar-B-Que will reserve a date and time with two weeks notice prior to your event. At that time a 25% deposit is due. The final balance is due the day of the event. You may reschedule without additional fee, providing the new date/time is available. A nominal fuel service charge will be added to your final bill due to raising costs of automotive & cooking fuels. We feel this is a better option then raising food prices. We do not add a gratuity charge. We feel it is our client's choice to reward quality service as they choose. A 20-guest minimum 100-guest maximum is required except where other arraignments are made. Prices subject to change, Ne. State sales taxes apply. Call or email for details, accurate pricing, bookings & reservations. 


Thank You For Choosing Us!!!


Jeff Tannehill

Whyldfire Bar-B-Que Catering & Concessions