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Bar-B-Que Catering at its finest...

Here's some info about us...

We will show up at your home, place of business or other party location hours ahead of time to prepare and cook your barbque meal for you. Now this is a "low and slow" process. True barbque is done that way, no hot and fast oven cooking done here. Slow roasted in a "Texas style cooker" fueled with wood, a true barbque experience you will not forget. This guarantees you the freshest food & the greatest taste. 

 Jeff Tannehill, owner and pit master of Whyldfire Bar-B-Que has been cooking barbque for years... mainly for friends, family & the occasional wedding. After years of poking and prodding by these folks "Whyldfire Barbque Catering & Concessions" was born... born out of the love of cooking great barbque for the people we love. We specialize in barbque catering for private parties of 20 - 100 guests unless other arrangements are made to accommodate larger parties. Fully licensed & insured in the great state of Nebraska. Any one who has spent the afternoon cooking with loved ones will understand why we have made Bar-B-Que our party of choice.

 Cooking procedures and times...

 We serve sliced Brisket which is specially seasoned and slow smoked for 10 -12 hours till its fork tender, sliced against the grain for maximum flavor & tenderness. 

 Our Spare Ribs & Baby Back Ribs are slow smoked for 6 - 8 hours depending on the cut. So tender and juicy you’ll go wild. Wet or dry its your choice. Sauce is served on the side.

 We also serve Pulled Pork from the Boston Butt Roast. Slow smoked for 14 -16 hours to a literal fall apart state. Shredded by hand, re-seasoned with dry rub and apple juice. We serve it without sauce cause frankly when you drown it in barbque sauce your covering up the natural slow smoking flavor of the pork. We at Whyldfire Barbque have nothing to hide.

 Most folk this far north have not had slow smoked chicken but let me tell you its a less expensive and very flavorful way to feed a lot of people. We smoke/cook chicken for 4 - 5 hours, so juicy & flavorful you would think its something new. No sauce needed... just seasoned with salt, pepper and a few other spices. Whether its whole, half or by the piece smoked chicken is a simple tasty barbque meal.




About Our Dry Rubs...

 A “Dry Rub” is a spice mixture that is rubbed into meat before cooking. It’s popular in Southern and Cajun cuisines. It’s called "dry rub" as it is used in place of a liquid marinade for meat. For meat that is better without added liquid or moisture, a dry rub is best way to keep the texture at the right level.

 With foods of the South, a dry rub is often used on grilled or barbqued meats. Dry rubbed ribs, pulled pork, brisket and chicken are also given flavor through a spice rub. Most typical Southern style spice rubs include chili and cayenne pepper, garlic and onion powder, salt and black pepper, paprika and dry mustard. Although the quantities of hot ingredients can be adjusted, this is an extremely spicy mix and adds a powerful kick to meat.

 I like to use dry rub’s that have a sweetness level a bit higher than your typical southern rub. The use of brown sugar or raw sugars will caramelize over a period of time. When the right amount of smoke/heat is applied a bark or crust will form on the meat that is extremely flavorful.

 Whyldfire Bar-B-Que has developed our own line of dry rubs that we use on all our meats. The most popular dry rub for pork is our All Purpose Original we call it "Oink Rub". It has the sweetness level that gives our barbqued pork the taste that folks really like.

For Brisket and other Beef cuts we have a special seasoning the we have developed after years of trial and error that we call "Moo Rub". A simple blend of spices that adds flavor without covering up the beef flavor that we all crave.

 We also have a Poultry & Fish seasoning that we call "Cluck Rub" & use it on all our grilled & smoked poultry products. This seasoning is also used in side dishes such as baked potatoes & vegetables. Also great on sea food and smoked salmon. Some folks even season there pop corn with this rub! Ingredients used are  kosher salt, onion, garlic, lemon pepper, dill weed, parsley & a pinch of oregano. Look for these rubs on our food truck and at select grocer`s & barbecue supply stores here in Norfolk Ne.


Local smoke woods we use...

Apple... It produces a very mild subtle fruity flavor.

Crabapple... Similar to apple wood. Mild and good with most meat.

Mulberry... The smell is sweet and reminds one of apple.

Ash... Fast burner but a light & distinctive flavor. (I mix it with apple mainly for the heat.)

 All the wood we use is seasoned for at least 6 months to 1 year with the exception of Mulberry it needs to be well seasoned for 1 1/2 - 2 years. Apple and other similar woods is our wood of choice due to the mild fruity flavor produced. Nothing better in my opinion.

The next time your having a barbque party call on us to cater your event. We do the same thing you do every weekend at home in your own back yard... but on a much larger scale.

Imagine the excitement as your guests arrive, see & smell the smoke rolling out of our barbque cookers. We are sure you & your guests will... "Go Wild for Whyldfire Bar-B-Que."

Call or e-mail us to book your next party or event. We will be happy to serve you & your guests a barbque meal you will not soon forget.

Jeff & Doreen Tannehill;