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Food Truck Mobile Kitchen & Equipment



 Pictured above is our mobile kitchen. Our food truck, smoker`s & grills are Heath Department inspected & approved. Our truck has hot & cold running water, stainless steel hand wash & ware washing sinks, stainless steel prep & serving tables. Our truck is also wired for 50 amp service to power it all up.

 Cleanliness is important to us everything we pack in we also pack out. As you can see we do require a small space to set-up.  Approximately a 20 x 30 foot space will do just fine. 

 The smokers we use at Whyldfire Bar-B-Que Catering & Concessions produces that mouth watering, slow smoked bar-b-que that made the south famous for their style of cooking. Call or e-mail us & book your next party or event. Be the envy of the neighborhood with our smokers grill in your back yard for the day cooking bar-b-que. 

 Imagine the excitement our Smokers & Grills will create...... 


 Ole Hickory Pits Convecture Tri Oven Smoker

This smoker uses a unique patented circulation method to achieve the heat movement used in the convection ovens. This novel concept defines the next generation of technology in multi-use smokers. Fueled with propane and flavored with wood logs. This is a commercial quality smoker that ensures consistent results.

Features include; heavy duty 12 gauge steel interior (100% welded & inspected seams). Tubular steel frame, 22 gauge stainless steel exterior, refractory ceramic fiber insulation-rated 1800 degrees F. Four Nickel-Chrome sliding racks measuring 26 1/2" x 26 1/2" for a total 19.56 Sq. Ft. cooking space. Thermostat controlled 46,000 BTU Burner with Electronic ignition. Lower firebox with log basket for adding wood to produce genuine old fashioned barbeque flavor that we are sure you will go whyld for!


Diamond Plate Products Big 40 Smoker

48” W X 30” H X 42” D  Cooking Chamber
36” W X 20” H x 20” D Fire Box
 This smoker is fueled with wood splits or logs that I personally cut and season for 6 - 18 months. Diamond Plate Pits are made in San Angelo, Texas, the BBQ capital of the world. They are made of new 3/16ths plate steel. Diamond Plate Pits have one of the best designs around. With this smoker, the firebox is mounted at a 45' angle to the cooking chamber. Two 4" diameter pipes duct the smoke and heat upward. 
You get all the smoke and heat evenly dispersed throughout the cooking chamber. The smoker also has a unique steamer system, which keeps the cooking chamber humidity high. That means your food will stay moist and tender, instead of drying out. I have cooked on quite a few different styles of barbque pits over the years & I am very pleased with the performance of this barbque pit. The end product is very moist, tender & flavorful never over smoked or bitter.
The Big 40`s upper cooking grate measures 23" X 48" for a total addition of 1,104 square inches. The lower cooking grate is 31" X 48" totaling 1,488 square inches. Between the two cooking grates their is a total of 2,592 square inches of bar-b-que heaven!
Sit back & enjoy your day while we put our Smokers to work for you! Imagine the excitement it will create when your guests arrive at your party location & see our smoker working for you! Call or e-mail today to reserve a time & date for your next party or event! All of our equipment is clean and in great working order to best serve you and your guests!  
Charcoal Grills


2 X 3 Ft. Party Grill

This custom made grill sports a 2' x 3' grill grate made of stainless steel mesh, which has 864 square inches of grilling surface. This sweet little grill will be primarily used for products such as Wings, Stuffed Peppers, Brats, Hot Dogs & Burgers. I have to say this thing works great! This grill cooks evenly from side to side & front to back. Fueled with hardwood briquettes for that great grilled flavor. Plenty of cooking space to grill up your favorite appetizers.


 2 x 5 Ft. Event Grill

 The Crown Verity BM-60 Charcoal Grill is a commercial grade portable charcoal grill flatbed with 1440 sq in of cooking space. A professional grill that gives your food the slow-grilled flavor your family, friends will love. It has an expansive grilling area so we can cook for dozens or even a hundred of your closest friends & family!

 We can serve your guests top-quality grilled food using the Crown Verity BM-60 Bar-b-que Grill. Made from 14 Gauge Cold Rolled Steel, with heavy-duty nickel-plated cooking grates and a high heat enamel finish. Also a height-adjustable grate so as not to burn your food. We mounted this fine grill on a mobile trailer so we can bring the bar-b-que to you! Burgers, Hot Dogs, Brats, Chicken or Steaks you name it we can grill it!

Give us a call and book your next party or event with us!

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